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How to Have Abs Workout Without Crunches

abs workout without crunches

If the topic of core training comes up the first thing that comes to the people’s mind are the crunches or sit-ups. If you search for a plan to strengthen your stomach, it is hard to find a no crunch abs workout.

There is no doubt that crunches are great moves to shape your abdominis, mainly the upper part of it, but there are many other sections of your core, such as your oblique, that requires training.

Also, if you have a spine, back or neck problem it is better to neglect these exercises since you may make things worse.

Plus, not everyone likes doing crunches, like me, and you can choose from a lot of other core exercises that are more enjoyable, burn more belly fat and engages your core muscles more efficiently.

What to do instead of crunches?

The list of crunchless abs exercises is so long that it is hard to list. There are many other moves you can do on the floor or in a standing position and with various equipment. You will learn many from the abs workouts below.

What is a good substitute for crunches for me?

Here is my top list.

  • Ab wheel exercises for killer core and upper body power.
  • Hanging leg raise for lower abs.
  • Burpees and mountain climber exercises to lose belly fat fast.
  • Various planks
  • Russian twists for obliques and hips.
  • Standing ab exercises to tone your abs with or without dumbbells to engage the core muscles from various angles.
  • Hyperextensions for my lower back.

With the help of these stomach exercises at home, I can strengthen each part of my core without doing boring crunches.

No crunch ab workout routines

Here you can find some plans you can follow. They may also help to create your program.

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To sum up: I think, after checking out the routines above you have an idea how to create your core workout without crunches. Do not be afraid. It will be as effective as if you did them. You can get strong and lean abs without them.

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