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Best Flat Bench Reviews (2018) & Buying Guide


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  1. Hi Walter,
    I also use to box, winning the NY Golden Gloves!
    I also like running, biking, calisthenics and weight training… I was considering Marcy $48 & Rep $129 Flat Benches you’ve listed here as well as the Marcy Deluxe $77 (600 lbs capacity) & Adidas $60 (weight capacity ?) Flat Bench which seem very similar and the Powerblock Sportbench $159 & Travel Bench $119 both have a weight capacity of 550 lbs. I’m weigh 135 lbs. and currently bench with 50 lbs. Dumbbells but could lift a lot more with a bar. I’m into full body workouts so I plan to do multiple exercises with the bench, including step ups, leg raises, balancing, etc. so due to the price and weight capacity I was really considering Both Marcy benches & the Adidas Bench, can you tell me the pros & Cons of the benches mentioned? Thank you for your input!

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