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What Is the Best Xmark Bench for Home Gym?

Xmark benches are the among the most popular equipment among home gym owners. And for a good reason. These workout equipment provide an excellent training experience and durable. Although, they are a bit more pricey than other products made by other manufacturers, but you get what you pay for, quality.

There are a few types Xmark Fitness makes:

  • Xmark adjustable weight benches for dumbbell and barbell strength training. They can also be used as a flat bench so you can perform bodyweight exercises as well.
  • Xmark ab benches that are mainly used for abdominal training to perform decline sit-ups, crunches, etc.
  • Combo equipment which combines more functions into one.

Here I compare the best five models based on the customer reviews, functions, user experience, so it will be easier to pick the right Xmark fitness bench for you.

Quick Comparison

What does FID bench mean? = flat-incline-decline

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Xmark Bench Reviews

1.-2. Xmark Weight Bench (XM-7604 and XM-7630) – High Capacity & Adjustability

xmark bench

Xmark Fitness FID bench

Both of them are gym quality adjustable workout benches that can be set into decline, incline and flat positions. Hence, you can perform a wide range of upper body exercises with the help of them. For example, instead of doing just flat dumbbell presses, they let you do the incline version which works the lower parts of your pecs better.

The high weight capacity, 1500 lbs, makes both of them an excellent choice even for people lifting very heavy weights. Both of them are covered with 3 inches thick Duracraft padding which provides a comfortable feeling even under heavy bench presses. Obviously, they are compatible with power racks.

Another great function is the adjustable seat that can be set to 3 positions. Lower-quality FID benches come with a fixed seat that is parallel to the ground. This way when you do decline exercises you have to hold against with your legs to not slip forward. With XM-7604 or XM-7630 you do not have to care about that, just set the seat to a higher level, and you can perform the exercises comfortably.

The users like these products because of their robustness and adjustability. The only problem that a few customers complain about is the gap between the backrest and the seat in the flat position. However, it is hard to find an adjustable workout bench without this problem. Without that gap, the backrest cannot be adjusted to incline and decline levels.

levels of adjustments

Set the angle quickly –  Xmark Olympic weight bench

What is the difference between the Xmark FID weight bench model?

They are almost the same, but XM-7604 supports leg curl/extension attachment that is available separately. XM-7630 Xmark FID bench does not support any accessories at all.

Get one of them if you just need reliable and versatile equipment for your strength training at home, even with heavy weights.

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3. XMark FID Ab Combo Weight Bench

It is made for those who have lack of space, but need a bench for weightlifting and performing decline abdominal exercises.

Like the previous ones, it has high weight capacity and supports decline, incline, and flat positions. So, you can enjoy the same benefits.

But, the size of the seat is slightly larger so that the decline sit-ups are more comfortable. Keep in mind that incline level is -20 degree and that is the only level you can use for abdominal exercises. However, that angle provides an acceptable resistance for a long time.

The ankle and knee rollers can be set into four potions. Hence, you can set the equipment to your height.

But, it does not support any extra attachments at all.

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4. XMark Ab, Hyperextension and Preacher Curl Weight Bench

Xmark weight bench

Xmark FID weight bench with preacher curl

If the previous was multipurpose home gym equipment, this is the dream for those who have just a little space to work out.

It can be used as the previous one as an adjustable bench press, and for abs training.

But, the hyperextension function makes it perfect equipment to have a total core training at home. Trainees focus on their abs, but they usually forget to strengthen their lower backs and spine muscles. Weak lower back muscles are one of the main reasons for back pain and injuries while lifting weights. With, the help of the hyperextension function, you can strengthen those areas entirely.

The preacher curl section is an excellent addition to develop your biceps muscles with dumbbell or barbell exercises.

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5. Xmark Adjustable Ab Bench – 12 Position & Ergonomic Design

If you need a comfortable, stable and adjustable ab bench, then look no further than XM-4416 Xmark sit up bench. I know, there are much cheaper models out there, but the workout experience it provides is just fantastic.

Compared to the previous models with abs training features, it gives far more levels to pick from.

It lets you choose from 12 levels so no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced trainee you will find a resistance that suits you the best. Thanks to the so many adjustments, you can also make your decline ab bench workout more versatile, for example, by doing many reps on a low level, and fewer on higher positions.

Also, thanks to the length of the backrest, 40 inches, this Xmark ab bench is a perfect choice for tall people, even over 6.2 feet. They do not have to be afraid of hitting their head on the ground while doing sit up bench exercises.

The weight capacity is 400 lbs so that you may use it with incline dumbbell exercises, but do not forget that is not a weight bench.

xmark ab bench

Xmark decline bench

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Which is the best buy?

Well, it is hard to tell because that depends on the space you have and your fitness goals. If you have no equipment at all and you have just a little area, I would get the XM-7631 because it provides more opportunity to exercise.

But, if you have space and a power rack (and money) I would get both a sit up and a Xmark bench press.


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