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Body Solid Sit Up Bench (GAB60) Review

body solid sit up bench

The GAB60 Body Solid sit up bench is commercial graded exercise equipment. That means the frame and the pads are made from durable materials. Hence, the manufacturer gives a more extended warranty (10-years on the frame). Plus, the bench provides more features to tweak it for your needs. Finally, because of the premium materials and construction, it is rock solid and has high weight capacity.

It can be adjusted in 12 levels so trainees at any level can find the most optimal resistance to perform sit-ups, crunches or other abdominal exercises. The highest angle is 45 degree which is difficult enough even for professionals.

The backrest and the leg holders are covered with thick materials to provide a comfortable and safe training experience for the user.

But, it is not suitable for anyone. Firstly, it costs more than other similar equipment. Plus, even if the back pad is wider usual, it should be a bit longer since taller users find it a bit short.

To sum up, this is a quality ab bench that is stable and highly-adjustable. However, there are some minor problems with it, and it is pricey.

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  • Commercial grade
  • Very stable
  • High weight capacity
  • Long warranty
  • 12 adjustments
  • Thickly padded for comfort

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  • Not folding but has wheels
  • The backrest is short for tall users
  • High price


Price / costumer reviews

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  • Dimensions: Assembled Dimensions: 52”H x 54”L x 24″W

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Best features of Body Solid sit up bench

1. Robust construction = stability, long life, and max capacity

GAB60 comes with a sturdy 2-by-2-inch mainframe and premium-welded to stand long years of usage. Body-Solid says this bench is suitable for commercial gyms. Hence, you do not have to be afraid of breakage or other functional problems. You get 10-years guarantee on the frame.

Thanks to this massive structure and the slightly wide stabilizers, it is very stable. Customers do not complain about wobbling. Stability is vital for an ab bench. It is not only annoying but dangerous if the equipment wobbles.

And finally, because of the robust structure, it is suitable for heavy users, or for someone who wants to use additional weight for their abs training. The max capacity is about 350 lbs.

GAB60 specifications
GAB60 Specification

2. A lot of angles to choose from

This sit up bench comes with 12 decline levels, and that is beneficial in two ways.

Firstly, depending on the fitness level everyone can find an angle that is most suitable for him. Beginners can start at lower levels, and gradually increase the resistance. Advanced trainees can start using the highest angles to get enough resistance for their abdominal muscles to develop. The maximum level which is 45 degree is hard to train on.

Besides, thanks to many levels you can make your abs workouts more versatile. For example, you use a lower level with high repetitions, then put it into a more elevated position and do fewer reps. This way your core muscles cannot get used to the same resistance, so they keep developing.

3. Thick padding for safety and comfort

The backrest is covered with 2.5 inches thick, double-stitched DuraFirm that supports your back and provides a comfortable surface. The leg foam rollers are 8 inches in diameter and also thickly covered with foam.

Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB Board
Lowest level


1. The length of the backrest, but…..

The width of the backrest is 12 inches which is suitable for even big guys. The length of it is 40 inches, and that is a problem for some taller guys since they find it too short. They are afraid of hitting their head on the ground when they are at the starting position.

However, if that is the case, you perform the sit-ups on the bench poorly. When you do the move, your back should be straight, and your neck and head at the same line with it. So, you should hold your head, and does not let it go backward. This way, your head will never touch the ground. Plus, you can avoid injuries and get the best results from your sit-ups.

2. High-price

Well, commercial graded equipment with long years of warranty and extras, always cost more. If you are an average person who just sometimes will use the ab bench, there is no need to pay so much for equipment. You can get one cheaper, although it will not be as professional. But, it depends on your wallet.

3. Not easy to store

While it comes with transportation wheels for quick locating, it is not foldable. So, you should think over if you have enough space to store it after your training.



Does it support Body Solid bench attachments?



Verdict / Is it for you?

Body-Solid Pro-Style Commercial AB Board is without a doubt quality equipment for abs training at home. But you can get the Xmark 4416 sit up bench with almost the same features and functions about 40 bucks less. Or, the Fitness Reality workout bench, that you can use for other strength training exercises with weights, for the same price. You can check out the best rated sit up benches here.


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