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The Ultimate Guide To Body Weight Exercises

If you have read some posts on this website, you may have already discovered that I’m a big fan of bodyweight exercises. I used to pump iron for years, but after watching some guys doing calisthenics I turned to this sort of strength training method.

I have been doing workouts using my own weight for almost a year now and the results are amazing! I have been able to build not only lean muscle mass, but I have dropped over 15 kg now!

On top of that, I can still lift weights efficiently. I rarely do free weight workouts which include the most important moves such as bench press, squat, deadlift, etc. Believe it or not, I can handle the same amount of weights as before and even more! body-weight-exercises

During the last year I have spent a lot of time with reading the best books, articles and watching videos to discover everything about body weight training.

That is how I stumbled upon to You are Your Own Gym book.

This book was put together by Mark Lauren, who has helped thousands of soldiers to build lean and strong body only with the help of body weight exercises. He has collected all the necessary nutrition tips, training advice, motivational techniques and activities he used.

I followed the methods in his book and with the help of them I have built lean muscle mass, lost weight and fat and increased my strength without going to the gym or lifting weights.

The best is that you will only need to do the workouts 4 times week for half an hour to see results.

  • In this guide, he includes those movements which will help you to increase the level of your metabolism so that you can burn fat.
  • The moves will improve your stability and posture as well that help to prevent injuries.
  • Over 125 body weight exercises are included to work your upper and lower body. There are only few ones which require fitness equipment such as a pull up bar.
  • These moves are safe and can be done by anybody. The trainings are gathered into 4 levels, so you will be able to pick the routine which is the most appropriate for your fitness level.
  • You can also find tons of other valuable information related to healthy lifestyle and eating.

Overall, this book is the ultimate source for those want to build lean and strong muscles, lose weight and do not want to attend to the gym or use free weights.

Here are some example moves you will learn.

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Here are some opinions shared by those how get this book.

“Mark Lauren puts the strength-training techniques of SpecOps into a comprehensive and easy to understand program that can be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime, paving the way for anyone looking to get into the best shape of his or her life.”—Gregory Peterman, sergeant, Green Beret

“Gain control of yourself through your own body’s gym!”—Mike Fisher, commander, 82nd Airborne Division; U.S. Army Ranger; colonel, U.S. Army

“Perfect for our mobile age of road warriors, this terrific book lets us carry around a full gym in our heads!”—General James Abrahamson, U.S. Air Force

The best is that it only costs some bucks and you will get an ultimate program to have the shape you want even if you train at home. It is a highly recommended book, not just by me.


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