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How to Get Rid of Soda That Makes You Big Belly

how to kick a soda addiction
Aha, that is why the sun has such a fatty face

There is nothing better than a cold soda before, during and after a meal. Or when you just want to enjoy something. It is also everywhere, in your fridge or in the office where your work. And if you enter a store, long shelves are covered with soda bottles. It tastes good, it makes us happy, and it is always at your hands. It is maybe the best invention of the humankind.

But, soda is an underhand and evil thing. It makes you happy all the time, but if you do not pay attention to it, it will slowly transform your body into a big, weak, and useless mass.

Sorry, that is the truth.

If most of your daily liquid intake comes from soda, you give almost nothing to your body, just sugar, artificial flavors and who knows what type of chemicals. Just try to water a plan with soda for a few days. I’m sure it is going to die.

And that is what we drink day after day. Then, we do not understand why we have so many extra pounds on us even if we move and try to eat healthy food.

Did you know? 20-ounce cola holds the equivalent of nearly 16 teaspoons of sugar. But The American Heart Association suggests that people should have no more than five to nine teaspoons of sugar daily.

What is the solution?

Drink diet soda!

“I can enjoy the taste, the feeling without getting fat!”

Would be good without a doubt, but it is just another evil beverage that slowly makes you unhealthy.

So, what can you do to get rid of your soda addiction?

Well, with dedication and a few tricks you can learn from the infographic underneath.

It is not going to be easy since you are almost in the same shoes of an active smoker, but if you want to be healthy and look good, you should change your habits.

Check the advice below and get ready to change your life. Yes, there is life without soda.

how to stop drinking soda
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  1. Beverages, including soft drinks, can be part of a balanced lifestyle. Moreover, scientific evidence, including human clinical trials, has shown that beverages containing low- and zero-calorie sweeteners can be a useful tool as part of an overall weight management plan.

    America’s beverage companies agree people should be mindful of their sugar intake. We offer many choices with little to no sugar and in smaller packages. America’s beverage companies have been broadening beverage choices dramatically through innovations like lower calorie sodas, teas, sports drinks, flavored waters, enhanced waters and premium waters. Via our initiative Balance Calories and through partnerships with public health organizations, we’re also providing the information and encouragement to help people cut sugar intake from beverages. Learn more at

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