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How to Use Sit Up Bench Correctly

How to Use Sit Up Bench
How to use ab bench for maximum results.

The sit up bench is a classic exercise equipment to train your abs, but it only works if you use it correctly. Badly-performed sit ups on the bench may cause your injuries or pain in your back, and you lose the effectiveness of this abs exercise. But if you use it the right way, it is going to be your best friend to strengthen your entire core and get those six pack abs.

Here some useful tips on how to use the ab bench properly.

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Tutorial for How to Use the Sit Up Bench


More Tips & Sit Up Bench Benefits

1. Consult with your doctor

This exercise is not recommended for those who suffer from lower back, spine or neck problems such as a hernia. If your back hurts always check your doctor before using the workout bench.

2. Don’t sit up all the way

It seems to be logical to come all the way up at the end of the motion to reach the maximum contraction. However, after a point, a little bit before the 90 degrees, the abdominal muscles are not engaged. Plus, going over that position harmful to your lower back. Go up until you feel your muscles working and lower yourself slowly back to the starting position.

3. Focus on muscle contraction

Do not use the momentum or the power of your legs to lift yourself up instead your abs muscles. The best is if you do move slowly. This way it will be easier to concentrate on the contraction. It is good for nothing if you sit up like a mad without control, plus it may hurt your back.

4. Move to the sides

The traditional bench sit ups mainly work your lower and upper abs. However, by turning your body on the sides, you can focus on your oblique as well. Those are the “side” muscles that are responsible for the V-cut midsection.

5. Adjust the Level

By changing the level of the board to a higher level, you can make the abdominal exercises more challenging. This way you can make your abs stronger. Also, it grows the size of the rectus abdominis, so they pop out more helping you to get six pack.

If you are at high fitness level, you can perform the decline bench exercises with extra weight. Place a weight plate or a dumbbell your chest.

6. Try Various Exercises

This fitness equipment provides a lot of possibilities to train your abs. You can use it for performing inline leg raises or knee pull-ins, hip raises, crunches, Russian twist, etc. This way you can attack your abs from different angles to get even better results.

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7. Abs Circuit Workout for Maximum Results

To get the best results and to train your core muscles, you should do other types of exercises, not just sit ups. Pick 3-4 different ones and make a circuit. Repeat the drills one after another with or without a rest, and do 2-4 rounds.

For example, I usually do a circuit ab workout with regular sit ups for rectus abdominis, Russian twist for my oblique, crunches for upper abs and incline leg raise for lower abs. This way I have a total abs training.

+1 To Get Six Pack You Need to Do More

Unless you have a lean stomach without fat, ab exercises will not be enough to get washboard abs. You should have the right diet and cardio workouts to lower your body fat. This way your abs muscles will be visible. Also, weight training with compound exercises is also vital to make your abs strong.

To Sum Up

I think the sit up exercise machine is a somewhat underestimated equipment of the gym, but it provides a lot of possibilities if you use it the right way. If you have ever checked out core training of the fighters like boxers or MMA athletes, I’m sure you have seen they use the bench a lot. Try it, and you will see how powerful it is. If you have any questions about creating a┬ásit up bench workout, feel free to ask below.

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