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Ironmaster Super Bench Review | Is It Really the Best?

Ironmaster Super Bench

The Ironmaster Super Bench is a commercial grade gym equipment that is suitable for even the strongest guys to lift hefty weights. Very stable, highly-adjustable, durable, comfortable providing an excellent workout experience for almost everyone.

The maximum weight capacity in flat position is 1000 lb while in decline and incline positions it is 600 lb. That max load is enough for even the most serious lifters.

It can be easily adjusted in 11 levels both in incline and decline positions. This way you can set the angle for your own needs as much as you want. Also, it supports 85-90 degree, this way you can do military presses comfortably.

The removable seat provides a stable sitting area. It does not let you slip forward since it is perpendicular with the backrest which is thickly padded for extra comfort and long enough for taller people.

The only problem that a few shorter customers complain about is that in the flat position Ironmaster is a bit high.

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  • Very high maximum capacity
  • Commercial graded made from heavy-duty materials
  • Lot of incline and decline levels to choose from
  • Great stability
  • Many additional attachments to choose from to turn it into a home gym.
  • Comfortable and durable backrest keeping its shape in the long run.
  • Suitable for taller guys
  • Perfect for all level weight training
  • Always perpetual seat to avoid slipping of
  • Very easy assembly (almost out of the box)

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  • Flat position is a bit high
  • No wheel helping move it around
  • Have to pay more (but get a perfect adjustable weight bench)


Customer reviews & Price

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  • Dimensions: 17″ x 41″ footprint,
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Warranty: 10years money back guarantee

It is maybe the best workout bench for home. Read on for our detailed Ironmaster bench review.


Best Features of the Ironmaster Super Bench

1. Extremely high weight capacity – Good pick for powerlifters

The max capacity is impressive. In flat position, it stands 1000 lb. But, in incline and decline levels it can also be used up to 600 lb. That amount is enough for even the strongest lifters. You do not have to be afraid of breakage or other issues. You just have to concentrate on your training.

Even if you do not lift such heavy weights such robustness provides the feeling of safety. And, you must be sure that your Ironmaster bench will last forever supporting your strength development in the long run.


2. FID Bench with excellent adjustability – Tons of exercise variations


What does FID bench mean? It lets you set 0, 5,10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80 and 85 degrees in incline, decline and flat. While that seems to be too much compared to other adjustable workout benches, it might be beneficial providing tons of variations to exercises and develop.

For example, let say you are a beginner who wants to start doing decline bench press to shape your lower packs. You can start with the -5 degree, which is almost flat but still a new position, then gradually decrease the angle to -30 or more. So, you can slowly get used to the new type of exercise.


3. No gap in flat position = convenient usage

Almost all the adjustable benches are designed in such a way that the seat and the backrest are two separated parts of the equipment making the flat position together. This way, there is a gap between the two when you set the bench into a flat level. If that hole is thick, it is uncomfortable to use the equipment.

But, Ironmaster comes with an attachable seat, that you need to remove when you want to use it as a flat bench. This way there is no annoying gap.

flat level


4. The seat that is perpetual to the backrest – No slipping off

As you see from the picture, the seat, that you sit on when doing incline exercises, can be attached in such a way that it is always perpetual to the backrest. This is an advantageous feature since stops you slipping off.

This is particularly useful if you do incline exercises such as incline bench press since you do not have to hold and press yourself up with your legs to keep the proper position. You can focus on your strength training better.
Also, the seat can be attached in three points to tweak it to your height.


5. Thick backrest, but convenient

If the upholstery of a backrest is thin, it will hurt your back. If it is too thick, you will sink into the padding leading to imbalance during pressing.

Super Bench comes with a 3 inches thick upholstery that seems to be much, but thanks to used materials it holds against and keeps it shape even if you press heavy weights.

Plus, the padding is very durable, and there is no annoying popping out stitches.


6. Get attachments and turn it into a home gym machine

super bench attachements

I have not met a workout bench that supports so many attachments like Ironmaster. You can buy the following accessories individually:

  • Dip bar for triceps and chest
  • Preacher curl for biceps
  • Leg extension / leg curl
  • Sit up for various abdominal exercises
  • Hyper core for back extension
  • Pull up / chin up
  • Cable tower + seat for it for cable exercises
  • Dumbbell/barbell spotting stand for sage bench presses

Thanks to these attachments you can turn it into a complete home gym system allowing you to perform the most beneficial bodyweight and weight training exercises at home. On top of that, these accessories work perfectly, easy to attach and provide excellent training experience.

However, getting everything will cost about 1000 bucks, but a less quality machine costs almost the same price.



1. Perfect for tall trainees, but a bit high for short people

The height of the bench in flat position is 20 inches, which is 1-2 inches higher than usual. This way people under 5.3 feet may find it a bit high. This way, since they cannot plant their feet on the ground, it is difficult to keep the correct position while doing exercises like bench press.



What are the dimensions of the backrest?

Bench length measures 44″ long by 10 1/4″ wide. Perfect for tall people, but it might be 0.5-1 inch wider.

Is it hard to assemble?

Good news for non-techie guys! It is almost out of the box. In 10 minutes it is ready to use.


Conclusion / Is it for you?

Well, the Super Bench is a home gym equipment that you will not regret to buy. It comes with all the features and functions that benches in a commercial gym have giving you excellent training experience. The manufacturer is so sure in its product that it provides 10 years guaranty. That tells everything about it.

I know it is a bit more pricey, but this is workout equipment that you have to buy once in your life. I recommended it, but if you are interested in an Ironmaster super bench alternative, check out more weight benches here.


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