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Pull Up Dip Station Types | What’s the Best for You

If you prefer bodyweight training to weight lifting the most useful piece of exercise equipment you can have at home is the pull up and dip station.

The pull up is an effective compound exercise that boosts the strength and size of your back, arms, shoulders. The dip is great for your triceps, shoulders, and chest. The vertical knee raise station is the best tool for strengthening your abs. And, you can also use the push-up station for better bodyweight chest training.

So, with the help of this home exercise equipment, you can have complete upper body strength training. (But, apparently, you cannot develop your lower body with it.

Do you want to get one for your home gym?

If you are someone who is not familiar with buying workout equipment, you may find it hard to pick the most suitable one for you.

Here I’m going to talk about what kind of pull up and dip stations are there? What are they good for? Their pros and cons. So, you will know which is the best pick for you.

Equipment Types

1. Power Tower – The all-in-one equipment for upper body training

Pull Up Dip Station Types
Standard workout tower from Xmark

The power tower provides the most possibilities to exercise. It has a pull-up, dip, push up and vertical knee raise station. All the required tools in one equipment to perform the most beneficial bodyweight exercises.

The pull-up section usually comes with multiple grip positions to focus on one particular part of your upper body.

The vertical knee raise station helps a beginner to perform the leg raises more comfortably and correctly thanks to the arm pads, back pad and the handles.

And most of the products come with a push-up section so that you can go deeper. This helps to develop the size and strength of your chest muscles.


But, we are talking about a rather large exercise equipment that requires space to use and store. Also, since so many functions are put into one gear, you may experience a little bit of wobbling or lack area while performing the exercises. And, some products are not easy to put together.

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There are 4 versions besides the standard one.

1. Ones that only comes with a pull-up and dip station (no VKR) such as [easyazon_link identifier=”B002Y2SUU4″ locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]Stamina 1690[/easyazon_link]. These products are cheaper, lighter and take up less space.

2. Assisted power towers


This pull up dip machine is designed to help those trainees who are not strong enough to perform dips and pull-ups yet. Unique technology is added to make the moves more comfortable to do, and the support can be adjusted.

But, they are costly, hard to put together and big. So, I say it is better to use resistance bands instead.


3. Exercise towers with punching bag stand

Hitting the heavy punching bag is an excellent way to burn fat, develop your cardio and endurance. Plus, it is an exciting way of working out that requires constant learning. And, if you combine it with bodyweight strength training, it does magic to your body (I do it, and this workout has brought me fantastic results.)

This home gym equipment has a power tower section with all the well-known functions, but at the back of it, there is also a heavy bag stand where you can hang the bag. It has wide and long stabilizers at the bottom, so wobbling is minimal while hitting the bag.

However, this type of machine is huge and more expensive than standard ones. But, I think the cardio and strength training possibilities it provides making it an excellent choice.

Here the two best products from Amazon.

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4. Pull up station with (sit up bench)

This type, besides the typical functions, comes with an adjustable sit up bench so you can do even more sorts of abdominal exercises. Depending on the bench you can choose from various angles to get the most suitable resistance for your work out. Plus, if it has high maximum weight capacity and flat level, you can use it as a weight bench.

But, it is big, and you have to pay a little bit more for it. I recommend it for those who want to do more types of abs exercises and do not have a workout bench yet.

Here the two most popular products on Amazon.

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5. Commercial grade pull up dip station

This type provides the best user experience since they are very stable and everything is designed ergonomically. Also, it has high weight capacity so professional trainees can use it with additional weight. It has long years of warranty. Indeed, they cost much more.

The best commercial grade power tower is the [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MZ682S9″ locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]Fitness Reality X-class high capacity multi-function tower[/easyazon_link].


6. Outdoor pull up dip station

These products are covered with special paint, so they stand the sun, rain, and ice. But, because of the extra protection, they cost more.


2. Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – For one having little space

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar
Wall mounted

The wall mounted pull up bar is an excellent choice for those who have not so much space at home. You just need to install it on the wall, and you can perform pull ups, chin ups and leg raises. The workout experience is pretty good since there is no wobbling and you can choose from different grip positions to target various parts of your back. Plus, its price is pretty affordable since you can get one about 30-50 dollars.


But, you cannot do dips with it, and the installation must be secure. Plus, beginners may find it hard to perform leg/knee raises since they do not get the help of the arm pad and handles.

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3. Dip stand – Just for dips

dip stand

The dip stand is only good for one thing, doing dips. However, this equipment provides an excellent training experience for performing dips. Firstly, because the vertical bars are at the optimal positions. Also, you have space to complete the move. Finally, they are very stable. You can get a good one for about 60-80 bucks.

However, they need space to store and use. And, it can be used for only a few bodyweight exercises.

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What is the best?

Well, it is hard to tell, but considering the functions and the price, the standard power tower is the best buy if you have enough space. But, personally I put my vote on the exercise tower with heavy bag stand.

Have you got any questions? Still can’t decide? Ask within the comment section below?


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