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The Best Equipment to Enhance Your Balance and Posture

balance-platformIf you work out you know to perform the various exercises correctly and safely balance is critical. To improve your balance, stability and even your posture you need to strengthen your core muscles. That means not only your abs but many other muscles such as your lower back, hips, oblique, etc.

There are exercises for each of these, but there is a simple equipment called Strongboard Balance Board, that can help you to strengthen your core muscles at once. And the best is that not with boring exercises. It is so effective that it is recommended by trusted physical therapists and even by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA).

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How does it work?

It comes with two boards that are connected with four special springs in the center. These springs are placed in such a way that the bottom board stays on the floor during the workout while the upper board is unstable. So, when you stand or sit on it, your core muscles are engaged seriously to keep your balance and the position.

Depending on your fitness level by placing your feet wider or narrower, you can increase or decrease the resistance. And you can use other equipment such as a medicine ball or dumbbell to give an extra boost to your training. There are a lot of types of exercises you can do with it.

Compared to other workouts, training with this balance trainer is fun but still very efficient.

Watch the video how it is used.


Why is it so useful?

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  • Strongboard is a proven balance platform for fitness enthusiasts and those who need a home equipment to improve their balance and posture. It comes with a unique multi-spring technology that works all the muscles of your body that are responsible for healthy posture and balance.
  • It provides a full body strength training to develop all the muscle groups at once. Because of this, it even helps with burning extra calories. Hence, it is maybe good for weight loss.
  • It is a portable equipment so you can use it whenever or wherever you want. It can be utilized indoors or outdoors.
  • You use your bodyweight as resistance. And the best is that it provides full motion-exercises. However, you can use it with other equipment if you want.
  • The imbalance is one of the main reasons of injuries. With the help of this balance platform, you can avoid them. And if you already suffered from injuries with the assistance of a physical therapist and StrongBoard Balance Board, you can recover faster. With regular use, you can rebuild the connection between your brain and the injured muscle.
  • It is suitable for any fitness level and age since it enhances the range of motion, strength and flexibility gently.
  • It also comes with a workout poster, so you can learn the basic standing and sitting exercises.
  • It is a robust model. People over 300 lbs use it, and none of them have any problems.


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Are there any cons?

If you have not used a balance trainer before, you may find it hard to use at first, especially when you get on it. But as your core muscles get strong, you will be able to keep the position naturally.

Also, changing the foot position is not so easy while you are standing on the board, so it is better to get off first.

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If you want an enjoyable yet efficient equipment to develop your balance, posture, core and even your entire body strength, StrongBoard Balance Board is an excellent choice for home training. No matter if you are a beginner or a pro athlete you are going to benefit from this perfect product.

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