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Xmark Power Tower Review | Is XM-4434 Worth to Buy?

xmark power tower

The Xmark vertical knee raise with dip station compared to other equipment has higher weight capacity which is 350 lbs. Hence, it is suitable heavier trainees or pro users who want to use weights for extra resistance. The height of the pull up bar is 86 inches which is a bit taller than usual, so it provides a more comfortable workout experience for taller users.

Even though, the stabilizers are long, but the base is a bit narrow and because of that the tower wobbles a little bit if the exercises are performed with momentum or with bad form.

To sum up Xmark XM-4434 is a good middle-class home gym equipment which is perfect for an average user for home training.

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  • Good weight capacity
  • Easy assembly
  • Comfortable padding
  • Compact footprint


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  • Grips are too soft
  • Bit of wobbling
  • A bit narrow


Price / Customer Reviews

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  • Dimensions: It’s 23.5″ wide by 53.5″ long by 85″ tall
  • Weight: 85 pounds

For our detailed review, read on.[/amazon]


Best features of Xmark Power Tower XM-4434

High maximum load

Thanks to the heavy duty 14-gauge steel mainframe construction this equipment can be used up to 350 lbs. Trainees around 250 lbs say the wobbling is minimal if they perform the exercise in correct form and slowly.

Thanks to that high max capacity advanced trainees can use extra weight for doing dips or pull / chin ups. If you are 200 lbs and want to use an extra 50 lbs, you do not have to be afraid of breakage.

Easy Assembly

Thanks to clear and easy to follow instructions putting this tower together is not a rocket science. The customers do not complain about missing parts or badly-drilled holes. everything is in the package as it should. That is god news for non-techie people since assembling an exercise tower is usually not an easy task. But, in this case you do n to have to worry about it.

Comfortable padding

Both the arm pads and the back rest of the vertical knee raise station are covered with 2 inches thick high-density cushions that provides a comfortable training experience. The padding is not too hard nor too soft.

backrest arm pads
Thickly padded for comfort

Small footprint

The base of the Xmark Fitness power tower with pull-up station is 23.5″ wide by 53.5″ long. The length of the stabilizers is typical but it is a little bit narrower than usual. This way you can save space with it. However, the wobbling problem comes from this narrow construction.


The bad

Narrow base = bit of wobbling + not wide enough

Because of the narrow stabilizers some users experience lateral wobbling which not so annoying but still a problem. It is particularly true for those users who cannot perform the exercises slowly with a controlled technique or if the floor is uneven. By putting a gym mat under the tower or using it on a carpet that moving can be cured.

Also, bigger guys who has wider torso feel the there is not enough space between the bars of VKR station. Their hips almost touch the bars. The distance between them is 21.5 inches which is not too wide but surely enough for an average user.

narrow base
Narrow base

The grips should be better

The foam grips on the pull up bar are too soft for some users. They do not provide comfortable and safe grip surface. Hence, some customers replace it with other rubber grips that can be bought in stores. Or they use weight lifting gloves instead.



Is it good for doing muscle ups?

I do not recommend it, but that is true for other power towers. There is no equipment which is safe enough for such a move, they may quickly fall over. Although, by fixing the base to floor with bolts might be a solution.

Is it possible to assemble it in such a way that pull up and dip station is one the same side?

Yes, and that way you can save even more space. That way you can put in the corner of a room. But, keep in mind that you will have to perform the pull/chin ups between the dip bars, so if you are “wide” you may not have enough space.


Conclusion | Is Xmark 4434 for you?

Well, the Xmark power tower is a good a home gym equipment for everyone who can already perform the exercises correctly, and may want to use extra resistance as well. Generally, it provides a comfortable workout experience and everything you need to have a good bodyweight upper body power tower workout routine at home. But, the narrow structure has its cons. If you are searching for a far more robust, commercial grade pull up dip station, get [easyazon_link identifier=”B01MZ682S9″ locale=”US” tag=”freechildrboo-20″]Fitness Reality High Capacity workout station[/easyazon_link] instead.


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