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8 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

yoga for menThere is no doubt that yoga is one the healthiest ways to train the body. It can develop you both mentally and physically. However, it is mainly the activity of women, but there are more and more men who are interested in.

I started doing yoga exercises about a year ago on my rest days or when I have no intend to have a hard workout. Frankly, at the beginning I though it is an easy training that is for girls, but then I have to realize that can be really tough. I feel the benefits of yoga such as better flexibility and mental balance, etc.

If you are thinking about starting yoga or spend more time with it, here are 8 reasons why.


1. It Makes You Strong & Flexible

Beginners think that yoga requires great flexibility that they are a lack of. So, they do not start it.

Being flexible is not the precondition of yoga, but the result. The more you practice, the more flexible you are going to be.

Flexible muscles have many advantages. You can avoid injuries that may happen while doing other sports. But it also increases the power of the muscles as well.

2. It Makes You Young

It fills you with life energy both mentally and physically. Hence, I call it the universal training. It is a fact that those senior people who start yoga get healthier and more active soon. Of course, it does not happen from moment to another. You should have at least one or two yoga workouts per a week.

3. It Makes Your Bones Healthy

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Many yoga poses help to keep the health of your bones because of the full range of motion, and we try to mobilize the entire body. Studies have proved that these type of moves reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

However, keep in mind that there are difficult yoga moves that require a lot of practice. As a beginner keep the risks and your safety in mind. Give yourself time to be strong and flexible enough.

4. It helps You to Lose Weight

If you have a layer of fat on your tummy, it can also contribute to burning it in a “comfortable” way. But, the real benefit of yoga is that it is a lifestyle. So, you are going to bring awareness to your meals and everyday life.

Also, the breathing techniques massage your internal organs that support the fat burning processes. Finally, it can help you to get rid of unhealthy foods and sugar addiction.

5. Yoga Improves Your General Well-Being

If you want to change your lifestyle drastically to be fitter and healthier, then yoga is the way to go. The asanas enhance the health of your physical body and make your mind free.

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6. It Relieves Pain & Injuries

Do you have chronic pain? It can help you to ease. Compared to weight training, which is a rigorous workout that may lead to injury, yoga is a pleasing, but sometimes hard, series of asanas. That way, the risk of injuries is lower.

The asanas prolong the whole body, gently ease the pain and also resolve the blocks in your body. There are many moves that stretch the muscles around the spine which is a traditional pain zone.

7. It Relieves Stress

If you need a feeder rest after a hard week, it can be an excellent choice. It helps to fight with negative things around you replacing them with positive ones. You will have more energy after the first yoga training.

It is the most natural way to enhance your mental health. If you know how to calm your mind, you will be able to know how to handle the everyday grayness.

Yoga is a way to freedom. By its constant practice, we can free ourselves from fear, anguish and loneliness. ~ Indra Devi

8. It Provides Continuous Challenge

We men like doing hard workouts and challenge ourselves, don’t we? It can give you that as well. There are a lot of hard poses that need constant practice and significant strength. Hence, there will always be something to work on that help you keep going on.


The best is that you can do yoga wherever you want. You do not need any equipment or go to the gym. There are also tons of sources online for free.

I hope these reasons have convinced you to try yoga. And if you still do not believe that yoga is for men, just think about those MMA fighters, boxers, and footballers who do yoga every week!

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